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tv   Eyewitness 11PM News  CBS  September 1, 2010 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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. this is wjztv, wjzhd and baltimore. from the city to the counties to your neighborhood, now it's complete coverage, it's wjz maryland's news station. stand off in silver spring. an armed man barges into the
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discovery channel's headquarters taking several people hostage. his demands, a tense negotiation, now it all came to an end. >> hello, everyone, denise is off tonight and here's what people are talking about. hostage stand off. right now police are interviewing the hostages. tonight the gunman is dead. live, kei jackson explains. >> reporter: the stand off may be over but things are far from back to normal at discovery channel head quarter. >> i heard some folks coming from the hall way running telling us there was a gunman in the building. so we got in the nearest office, we got down on the floor and prayed. >> after a man armed with a gun and explosives burst into the
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headquarters of the discovery channel. >> wearing what appeared to be canisters on his front and back. he also pulled a handgun out and was waving a handgun. >> reporter: he entered the building in the early afternoon taking the security guard hostage. most of the 1900 employees evacuated safely. children were also evacuated if the day care center. a normally bustling center was shut down. >> there are people going to and fro and it looks normal. >> reporter: right now what does it look like? >> it looks like a ghost town. >> reporter: police say james lee was angry with discovery channel's programming. he demands the network deal
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with globe al warming and the economy. in 2008 lee was arrested outside the discovery channel headquarters for protesting. on wednesday after 4 hours trying to negotiate the stand off ended when he pointed the gun at one of his hostages. >> all of our employees are accounted for. >> reporter: police say an explosive device on lee's body did go off when he was shot. no one else was huer. late wednesday night police continued to search for explosives inside the building that lee may have left behind. the roads around the discovery center are still closed an we're expecting them to stay closed throughout the morning. hurricane earl now a powerful category 4 storm. mayor already declared a -- you
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can see the storm is deadly. bob turk is tracking the storm and mike hellgren was in ocean city. we begin with mike. >> reporter: the caribbean has already seen the power of the storm. more than a quarter million people are expected for the labor day weekend. >> we may have to modify through the water. we may only limit people going in up to a certain depth. >> reporter: hundreds of swimmers have been rescued here during the past week. >> it reminds me of hawaii or california. i'm not used to seeing waves this high in ocean city. >> reporter: making sure rescue craft are stocked and in place. they are also working to make.
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>> going out and making sure we know where everything is before the storm. >> reporter: egg is also ready for possible wind damage to power lines. >> i'm telling people to do what they need to do to get their homes ready. >> reporter: these preparations are nothing new for ocean city where leaders and tourists are encouraged. >> watch the track of the storm and just wait until the storm and the event is over before you travel. >> reporter: so as you heard the mayor say they are not talking about evacuations in ocean city. reporting from ocean city, mike hall hall gren. >> reporter: coverage now continues with bob turk, bob. >> reporter: the hurricane
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center shifted about 30 miles further east which is good for our region. take a look at the latest track, in about a minute ago. winds of 130. moving off to the. it's going to quickly move off toward new england up toward nova scotia as a category 2, eventually a category 1. as you can see off our coast 2:00 tomorrow morning, friday morning and friday afternoon is pretty much gone, however it looks like it's really going the impact cape cod, cape hatteras. eventually up towards eastern sections of canada. there's a good look at it once again. these are the spaghetti tracks. in other words all the models put together still have this storm pretty far out, at least as far as maryland is
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concerned. but there still is a tropical storm warning and for the baltimore metro area and all the areas west, we do have coastal flood watches. we can expect 3 to 4 feet. coming up my full forecast will take a look at hurricane earl and how it can impact over the next few days. to track the storm, get updates and see live radar. it was a hot and frustrating commute from some this afternoon, train 28 stalled at the start of rush hour going from washington dc. some fear an earlier, but a rescue train arrived to off load passengers less than an hour later quipped with water.
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a long time maryland state senator cashes in more than $240,000 for a popular grocery chain. police say those checks were illegal. kelly mcfear mcpherson explains the charges. >> reporter: curry has stepped down as chair of the 32 billion- dollar budget committee after today's outline how he conspired to help the company's bottom line. state senator you lis is curry has been indicted. while he was maneuvering bills. until now he has been the head of the powerful -- the 18 count indictment charges him with
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bribery and extortion. >> obviously a guy well liked within the legislator. a bridge builder a compromiser and now he seems ready to be brought down if he is actually convicted on these charges. >> reporter: federal investigators found a document that curry called his quote, list of accomplishments. it justified getting a pay raise. >> reporter: a bill of indictment. just go down the list of things he did that he did not report on any of his financial disclosure reforms. >> reporter: including 850,000- dollar in shopper's rent, 200,000-dollar for an enter change funding. beer wine -- when shoppers wanted to come here the company needed the mda
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to move its facilities. the indictment says curry convinced the mda to move and on top of it got -- to pay. after raiding his home, curry honored his innocence. >> i need to focus on my family, my child. >> reporter: the senate president mike miller is speaking out in defense of curry saying that curry will be exonerated. no one is opposing curry this fall, so if he's not convicted he will be back in an applies, just without that title. >> reporter: tells the baltimore son that his client is innocent. new tonight more than 130 people stand to lose their
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jobs. they work for defense contractor contractor. funding for the arm robotics program was not renewed. at marshal airport some of the most favorite orioles took off their ball caps, traded places with southwest airlines employees and also took time to grate to -- greet fans. just minutes away, propane tank goes up, where it happened much and definitely not a santa clause, a woman's body is found inside a chimney. find out how she got there. a mysterious drowning death was a cold case until a major tip came in to police.
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how one maryland family is finally getting closure. after earl how is the weekend shaping up? i'll have your 7 day forecast coming up. complete coverage continues with denise koch, greg carter and first warning weather with mark turk and sports with just $2.50.
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it is 80 degrees and clear in central maryland right now. the complete forecast is coming up. tonight 5 people are
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recovering after a series of explosions at a welding company. exploded one at a time. the series of explosions went off for nearly 20 minutes. buildings were evacuated tonight one is in critical condition. the body of a california doctor is found in a chimney. police say the woman was trying to get into her boyfriend's house when she got stuck. the search began when she didn't show up at work the next day. neighbors grew suspicious when they began to smell something. >> someone down the street said they thought they heard someone yelling quietly for help. you could hear them jackhammering. >> reporter: a pet sitter spotted the woman just 2 feet above the opening. police believe she climbed up a
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permanent ladder. it took 5 hours to remove her body. remains were found behind a hotel. so far the victim has not been identified. forensic detectives are hoping this new clay bust of the victim could help crack the case. her age is unknown. new twist in the drowning arrest we first told you last night at 11:00. the man who confessed to pushing a student in the water went into shock. >> two years the friends and family were tormented with questions. >> i want to know who killed him. >> reporter: in august 2008, was 22 years old when he drown in the inner harbor.
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at the time police found in evidence but last week witnesses came forward. court documents reveal black pushed him in after a fight. exactly what his family suspected all along. >> he saw one white guy running but he fall. >> reporter: the arrest comes just a few days after the controversial firing of one baltimore police officer. he was caught on tape reprimanding someone on the border. the commissioner fired him last week but the president of the police union told our media partner, quote, this is a police say they do. >> i don't think this is an organized effort by skateboarders to kill people. i don't think there's a gang of skateboarders running around
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committing violence. >> reporter: his family says they are so happy now they know what happened. say his friends told them he could not swim and he wasn't drinking the night he died. plaqueblack was scheduled to have bail today but he went into shock. you may remember the doctor giving people stints they didn't need, now someone in salisbury is accused of the same they think. federal prosecutors say mcclain falsified medical records by reporting that his patients arteries were 70% blocked when they are not. he reportedly collected $500,000 in insurance claims. more than a dozen patients filed suit. it's not often you see professional football players stay on the field after practice. but here's one exception.
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these dolphins are looking for a diamond earing. he forgot to take his earrings off during practice. the 2 1/2 karat earing is estimated to be worth $250,000. right now the earring is still missing. it's gone from there, i'm telling you. let's take a look at the weather game right now. it's warm right now, 80 degrees, 77 ocean city, 70 in oakland, dc still at 84. kind of a moist night out there. but tomorrow, around 90 degrees. the front we've been telling you about it's going to change the weather quite a bit. behind it cooler air, beautiful labor day weekend shaping up. first we have to deal with earl. sitting northeast of the
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bahamas. 138 miles per hour winds. some of the storm starting to reach the outer banks of north carolina. this area right here will probably see the worst of this storm as it moves generally up the coast and out to the east northeast. because our coast kind of works its way west warted, you -- westward. then this storm quickly moves out to the east, northeast for tomorrow and most of thursday actually. look for clear skies along the beaches. the winds are picking up late tomorrow night and that's when we'll see some clouds moving in, particularly on the coast. earl, 11:00, moving off to the north, northwest. pressure has dropped from 941 mill bars to 932. got a very contact eye. it's moving up the coast, very
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close to hatteras and then up to the northeast as it weakens, eventually coming very close to cape cod. probably coming ashore around nova scotia. it's going to be off our coast probably around 50 miles or so. at least that's the latest track. as that happens you kind of move this a tiny bit, it will probably be dropping down to a category 2 storm. but one thing to keep in mind the strongest winds are on the eastern side of the storm. yet another storm, gaston, predicted to be a hurricane and by monday a category 2 somewhere east of the islands. high pressure and control, eventually that front moves through. beautiful weekend shaping up once we get rid of earl. tonight clear night, temperatures in the mid to
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upper 60s. then tomorrow sunny and warm. the next 5 days after earl leaves, beautiful weather, 80 degrees. thank you very much bob. coming up a wild night of highlights including a serious brawl in ,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,
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well, the orioles latest surge has -- boston yeas john lester 12-0 in his career, bases loaded for adam jones when he sends a runner down the line. nick mar take us will also score. the os built a 5-1 lead only to see it disappear. adrian bell tray hits this one. the os win. they come back and beat them 9- 6. miker morgan was hit by a
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pitch. this time he charges the mound. the marlins threw at morgan in retaliation for a play last night when morgan slammed into catcher brad hays. a wild night. marlins over the net 16-10. the ravens play the rams for a tune up. keeping been eye on the new guys, corey redding. sitting in fine with the ravens after playing for detroit and seattle. >> i don't believe i picked up defense well enough to make it my own. i didn't think i would pick it up that fast. and to throw my little 2 cents in and see if i can help to keep a gap open a little bit
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longer, is my aassignment. i know how to make the plays on my own. >> reporter: not willing to risk injury with the real season starting. we want them to be healthy. bambi gets boozed up. meet a real live beer drinking deer when we come back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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